About Me

I am a Youth Librarian, Software Developer, Photographer, and Aerialist.

As a librarian, my happiest moments are when a teen requests reading recommendations. My particular areas of interest include graphic novels, audio books, and young adult literature, but am able to discuss all types of children's materials.

As a software developer, I truly enjoy working on bugs. My problem solving skills really come into play and I find great joy in solving the mystery that each bug provides and completing a quick but well-tested fix.

As a photographer, I see images as a way to share the beauty around me, and a great reason to explore amazing places.

As an aerialist, I enjoy teaching strength-training skills. I hold private sessions to help students achieve their strength or skill-based goals. As a performer, I can perform on silks, trapeze, lyra, as well as eat fire, but my heart is currently absorbed with training on straps.

Please browse the site to learn more about my skills and experiences. You can download my resume here or use the form to contact me.